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You have the power within you.
it's time to own it.

Live Courageously

"You can chose courage or you can chose comfort, but you cannot have both"- Brené Brown

We believe every woman and EVERY girl has the power within to achieve their best in life and sport.

Every quarter, we partner with a non-profit group that helps bring our belief to reality.

During the quarter, we donate 2% (minimum) of all sales to our empowerment partner.

  • Photo courtesy of SheJumps

    Meet Our Partner: SheJumps

    As a brand that is passionate about empower women and girls both in life and in sport, we are excited to announce our first partnership in 2019 with SheJumps!

    SheJumps was start in 2007 by Lynsey Dyer, Vanessa Pierce, and Claire Smallwood who whole heartedly believed that "if she can do it, so can I"...

    Donate to SheJumps!