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10 Unexpected Ways to Live More Sustainably

Consider these small eco-friendly switches to help heal our world. 

Women are the force that will help heal our earth. It’s no surprise that research shows that the overwhelming majority of women aim to live more ethically and sustainably.We are more likely to think critically about how our choices will affect future generations and to have deeper involvement in our local and national organizations to build a healthier earth. 

As we consider our environmentally friendly practices for the year, we may wish to take stock of any small changes that could make our lives a little greener. Beyond the basics of recycling, carrying a reusable tote, and choosing ethically made clothing options (like BRANWYN’s Performance Innerwear) here are a few unexpected switches that can add up to a healthier world. 

1. Find a new-favorite plant-based recipe. 

Reducing meat consumption is one of the most powerful ways to tamp down our carbon footprint. Meat production accounts for some 57 percent of greenhouse gasses. Plus, eating plant-based can be fun and so delicious! Find one plant-based meal you love—think chickpea curry with coconut milk or a roasted eggplant bowl—and add that to your nightly rotation. 

2. Join a Buy Nothing group. 

Consumerism drives material consumption and landfills worth of waste. Try joining a local Buy Nothing group or see if your local library has a Library of Things to give away instead of throwing away or borrow rather than purchasing. The feel-good benefit you get from gifting is just an added benefit. 

3. Check your tires. 

Of course the most joyful way to get from place to place is on our own two feet or bicycle—but in many places in the United States, driving is unavoidable. Make the most of every mile by checking your tire pressure—a practice that can increase your efficiency by up to 4 percent while extending your tire life (avoiding a new purchase).  

4. Create a countertop compost. 

Compostable food is responsible for 24 percent of landfill waste, creating unnecessary methane emissions. Keep organic waste separate in a countertop compost and check your local waste management options for proper compost disposal—or mix it into your own soil to help plants grow. 

5. Experiment with eco-friendly menstrual products. 

According to the Women’s Environmental Network, the typical period product is made out of 90 percent plastic. That means every single pad is equivalent to the waste of four plastic shopping bags, which can add up to more than 44,000 bags worth over our lifetime. Try making the switch to a menstrual cup, using organic cotton tampons or pads, or trying out free bleeding. 

6. Take stock of your investments. 

If you have a stock portfolio, check to see where your money is going. You may wish to switch to an environmental, social and governance (ESG) fund, which includes green energy investments like solar and wind.

7. Turn down the temperature. 

Did you know that water heaters add up to 20 percent of a home’s energy use? Switching the cycle to cold in your washer can reduce emissions by 860 lbs each year. Or challenge yourself to take a cold shower, which has big benefits for your body and mind, too. (Read all about the amazing payoff of cold plunges here).

8. Try natural cleansers. 

Forever chemicals in cleaning products enter our earth’s waters and never leave. For a gentler (but still super effective!) cleaning solution, try using organic options like vinegar, baking soda, and steam. For example, diluted distilled vinegar in a spray bottle can keep countertops free of dirt and soap scum.

9. Pause before you purchase. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in our consumerist culture. Avoiding unnecessary purchasing is pitting our brains against billions of dollars of marketing dollars aimed at pushing us over that “buy now” button brink. Consider a pause before each purchase (a day, week, or even month) to make sure it’s something you need rather than a quick fix. Also consider whether what you’re buying will really last. As the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice. (We bring this ethos into every BRANWYN product and do our best to ensure your Innerwear will be there to support you for many years to come). 

10. Opt for natural fibers. 

Natural fibers like Merino wool are amazing for your body and the very best choice for our earth. They prevent dangerous microplastics from entering our oceans, keep our earth (and our endocrine systems) safe from hazardous chemicals, and are renewable and biodegradable. This is the reason why we created BRANWYN—to give women better choices when it comes to Innerwear. 

Remember, these are just a few ideas. We are constantly inspired by the incredible BRANWYN community who push us to be more thoughtful in every way. DM us with your green-living ideas with us at @Branwynofficial. We’ll keep this article with your feedback. Mad love. 

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