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Nope! Just the opposite… The thermoregulating properties of Merino balance your body temperature, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. The sheep who wear it every day thrive in temperatures ranging from 95°F to -4°F. Plus, the fibers naturally carry moisture away from the skin, making it ideal for a sweat session.

This isn’t your grandma’s wool sweater. Merino is super fine and butter soft. Merino comes from Merino sheep, a breed world-renowned for producing the softest, highest-quality wool of any sheep. Merino fibers are super fine (thinner than human hair!), making Performance Innerwear soft and luxurious. Most women get their first pair of BRANWYNs for sport but eventually make them their daily go-to.

Machine wash with like colors in warm water with a mild eco-friendly soap, then hang to dry. On the road or in the wild? Wash with shampoo or mild soap in the shower, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess moisture, and hang to dry. Merino dries super quickly! IMPORTANT: Always wash black garments separately to avoid color transfer.  Never bleach or use fabric softener. Bleach destroys Merino, while fabric softeners coat the fibers, minimizing their ability to manage moisture and regulate body temperature. Garments damaged due to improper care cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Unlike petroleum-based polyesters and microfibers, Merino wool is a completely natural regenerative fiber. Unblended Merino wool is 100% compostable and 100% recyclable.

Nylon and Elastaine are not green materials. We are currently working hard to switch to sustainable alternatives. Our goal is a 100% compostable product.


Luxury Performance Innerwear means we source from the best of the best across the world. Our Merino wool comes from sheep raised by ZQ in New Zealand,  our yarn is spun by Sudwolle; and our products are knitted seamlessly, garment dyed, and finished at our factory in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our factory in Istanbul knits each garment from un-dyed Merino yarn on Santoni seamless knitting machines. By knitting we get a 4-way stretch material, and  instead of cutting rolls of fabric, we eliminate scraps, reducing fabric waste . Each finished piece is dyed and pre-shrunk before being individually packed in compostable and recyclable “plant plastic.”

Heavens, no. Our Merino wool comes from an ethical farm in New Zealand that adheres to ZQ Grower Standards to ensure the ethical treatment of animals and sustainable farm practices. Shearing is a natural part of the sheep’s care and is similar to a person getting a haircut. Our sheep live happy, healthy lives grazing the emerald fields in the land where The Lord of The Rings was filmed.

You might find that the size or color varies from piece to piece — and that’s totally normal! While fast fashion companies use mass product techniques to create identical, cookie-cutter garments, BRANWYN makes one-of-a-kind pieces from natural fibers, using hand-crafting. We start with wool (a natural fiber that can change slightly from sheep to sheep). Our seamless knitting technology creates the basic shape of the product, which is then dyed in small batches, cut by hand, and sewn. All of this makes every single BRANWYN piece unique and special… just like you! 


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Go to our Return & Exchange Portal to initiate your return or exchange.

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Our First Try Guarantee allows you to try one piece per style, color, and size and return it for a full refund within 14 days of receipt for any reason.

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More about us

BRANWYN is a Welsh goddess of love and beauty, known for her compassion, empathy, foresight, strength, and courage. As a goddess, she is associated with new beginnings and vitality. Legend has it that you can call on BRANWYN when you need help starting a new project, are looking for inspiration, or are faced with a new beginning.

Our logo was inspired by a Celtic symbol of female power. We believe harnessing the power of women is the key to building a better world.

We hire both professional models and non-professional models to rock our Performance Innerwear. Showcasing our products on real bodies is incredibly important to us. That’s why we never try to “perfect” the look of women’s bodies or skin with retouching. Every woman is already perfect just as we are! 

Growing up, our designer Shawna's dad went to all her sports games and used to encourage her with the cheer “Stay golden!” Originally a quote from the movie The Outsiders, to us it means: "Be true to yourself and march to the beat of your own drum."

Yes, we are! Stay GLDN | Simply Better Underwear originally launched on Kickstarter in 2016. In 2019, the brand was adopted from Shawna and Garrett Lauringson and merged with BRANWYN Performance Innerwear.

We have future plans for brick and mortar retail. Nothing available at this time.


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Not sure about wool?

Merino is super soft like cashmere!

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