Shipping Information

Free shipping

We offer free shipping on orders over $75.

Shipping Time

Orders are usually processed within one business day, and shipping generally takes 3-5 business days. If you have questions or concerns, please email us at

Order Tracking

You can track your order directly on our website. Click here to go to the order tracking page.

Recyclable & compostable packaging

We ship all our products protected in a BDP® treated polybag. This fully biodegradable bag takes just a few years to decompose—as opposed to the centuries it takes traditional plastic. Less long-term waste = a much happier planet.

International shipping

Hopefully, we'll start shipping outside US starting July 1st.


Not sure about wool?

Merino is super soft like cashmere!.

We know you'll love it! But just in case you don't, we’ll give you a full refund.