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6 Reasons Why Merino Underwear is Great for Travel

Naturally sustainable Merino underwear can help you travel light, stay comfortable, and fret less about whether or not you have a fresh pair at the ready.

It’s an age-old debate: How many pairs of underwear do you pack for a trip? On one side of the equation, there’s your classic over packer who empties the contents of her underwear drawer for a weeklong vacation. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the minimalist traveler who does nightly washes in the hotel sink and prays that her undies drip-dry by morning.

The two sides might never agree fully, but regardless of your camp, BRANWYN’s Merino wool underwear can help you travel light, stay comfortable, and fret less about whether or not you have a fresh pair at the ready. They are comfortable in every climate, versatile (you can even use the bralette and bottoms as swimwear!), easy to wash, and more. Here’s why Merino is great for travel no matter where you’re heading.

1. Merino breathes easy, so you can too.

The fact that Merino breathes means it’s a healthy choice for women. Nobody wants their vacation spoiled by an infection or irritation that could have been avoided simply by wearing underwear that allows air to flow. Basically, BRANWYN’s Innerwear is made for prolonged wear. If you’re the type of traveler who’s not afraid to take a 12-hour flight followed by a bus to a ferry, you probably realize you might be in the same undies for a day or more and want to wear material that breathes. “It actually absorbs sweat without making you feel wet or gross,” said customer Julie K. in a recent review.

2. Wool is more comfortable than you might think. 

Forget your scratchy, deep winter sweaters, Merino wool is crazy soft and super comfortable. The cut of BRANWYN is designed to move with you. Whether your idea of travel looks like backpacking the entire Appalachian Trail or a week of pounding the pavement and seeing the sites in Rome, you don’t want your underwear to have annoying seams (BRANWYN’s Innerwear is seamless) or creases that might chafe your sensitive areas! As one customer reports, “No wedgies while running, jogging, or playing pickleball. Who has time for that?!”

3. It keeps you funk-free. 

Because it’s naturally antibacterial [1], Merino doesn’t hold odor, which is terrific news for all your sweaty — sometimes funky — areas. When it comes to packing, you can pack less because you can wear your undergarments (especially your bras)  a couple of days in a row and still walk around confident and free of funky smells. 

Julie G. says, “I was super skeptical about these bras holding their shape and not smelling as I have a very big chest and sweat a lot. They totally live up to the hype. I wore one for 4 days and it really didn’t ‘need’ washing.”

4. You can leave your bikini at home.  

BRANWYN’s Merino underwear provides enough coverage to double as swimwear—meaning one less thing you have to pack. Plus, you’re always prepared to turn your picnic into an impromptu dip in the ocean. Merino dries super fast, so all you need to do is sit in the sun for a bit post-swim and then go on your merry way.

5. Merino is easy to wash and re-wear.

Merino couldn’t be easier to care for. You can hand wash with mild soap, then hang dry. It depends on the climate, but Merino is typically ready to go within a few hours.

If you want to be even more efficient, you can wash your underwear in the shower with you. All you need is a little shampoo. Annelise Carleton-Hug says, “It washes easily and dries quickly. As a test for an upcoming trip, I even took it into the shower, washed it with shampoo, roll-dried it in a towel, then hung to dry. Ready to wear the next day. This underwear is amazing.”

6. It’s minimalist and versatile. 

Because BRANWYN’s products are breathable, comfortable, versatile, funk-free and easy to care for, it means you don’t have to be that person counting out fourteen sets of underwear for your vacation. They work as well for an all-day hike as they do for a night out on the town. You can pack two sets—a black set and one that matches your skin tone—and you’ll be all set for every adventure.

Just take it from Sandra L. (pictured above) who packed a single BRANWYN Merino wool bra for her month-long trek. She says: I just finished a Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walk/hike in Spain. I covered 300+ miles in 30 days, wearing the Branwyn merino bralette. The hike was a difficult, challenging (e.g.sweaty) daily hike with a full backpack on. The weather was hot, it was cold, it was rainy and wet. The bralette fit great, was comfortable and did not bug me like other bras. I air-dried this bra every evening and washed it TWICE in 30 days.” 

  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8853069/


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