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Essential Hipster
YogaShi (Lansing, US)
Absolutely love these!

They are super comfortable and fit perfectly. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Essential Hipster
Happy customer (Cascais, PT)

You know that feeling when you get your favorite pair of undies out of the drawer and put them on? Great coverage, no muffin top, just… comfort? That’s these. Every damn day.

The size chart told me to get an XL, which seemed shockingly large for me - I normally wear an M on bottom - but I gave it a try. Sure enough, too big. I returned them for a size L, which feels great. They’re so stretchy that I probably could’ve gone down to a M, but when they feel this good, why bother?

I can hand wash them in the sink, hang to dry, and they’re ready to wear again in the morning. I got them specifically for hiking the Camino de Santiago, but am wearing them constantly in everyday life.

I love this bra. Multiple wears and it doesn’t stink at all. Really well made, I anticipate it lasting me awhile!

A repeat order! I love these so much I had to purchase a few more.

Essential Busty Bra
Monica (Webb City, US)
Love it!

The Bra's are so comfortable and breathable for all day wear. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Essential Busty Bra
A. (Los Angeles, US)
2 years and going strong

I bought my first busty essential bra (M) in summer 2022. Two years later I'm back to buy 2 more. I haven't wanted to wear it the whole time. Often it was really comfortable but didn't give me the lift I wanted and I wore it for lounge/ light activity only. Sometimes it seemed too compressive. But the more I've worn it, the more I have craved wearing it again. I've had 3 pregnancies over this period (miscarriage, stillbirth, and one ongoing) and my breasts have changed a lot. My underbust has stayed at 32-34 inches but my breasts have gone from 38/39 inches to 42 inches right now in my third trimester. I've been looking for bras that I can wear now and can (hopefully) wear for nursing, and I tried on my Branwyn busty again. I am surprised at how incredibly comfortable it is right now! I don't want anything tight and the breathability is key. It is stretchy enough that I can pull it down with no issues. And after 2 years, it is still in good condition (although the black dye from my underwear stained the light nude bra so it's ugly. don't wash them together). I'm really happy to have found a bra that has worked for me over the last 2 years even as my body is changing!

Essential Bralette
Alison Keith (Somersworth, US)
Love these Bras!!!

I finally gave in and and bought my first branwyn bra. I love it some much I bought another one! I just spent 6 days in Colorado out ice climbing and xc skiing...and I literally wore the same bra for 6 days (which sound kind of gross.....but it never got smelly and always dried super quick). If you travel or like to adventure where you don't have the ability to bring a lot....I would highly recommend getting one of these bras.

Essential Bikini
Alison Keith (Somersworth, US)
So comfy!

If I could afford it, I'd trade all of my underwear in for the branwyn undies! They are super comfy and breathable! I highly recommend giving them a try.

Essential Bralette
stacy scheiber (Los Angeles, US)
Love how comfortable these are

Fantastic and sooooo comfortable. I bought 2 and then fell in love immediately. Then I bought 2 more . I use them for my workouts and for my daily wear .

Essential Busty Bra
Rachel R. (La Grande, US)
FINALLY a "bralette" that works for big boobs!

I have spent the last 15+ years of my life searching for the perfect bralette style bra that would be not only comfortable, but also offer complete coverage, and as a bonus be supportive but not too supportive. The past two years I have been wearing uncomfortable sports bras because that's just as close as I could get. I finally got the courage to order a large and extra large from branwyn, and I am over the moon! For reference I have a 44" bust but a very small rib cage, so I would place myself somewhere around a 38 F (but I typically order an XL)... With that said, the large is actually a surprisingly comfortable and supportive fit. Very true to size. The extra large seemed to be very loose, but after washing it it hugged up a little bit. I have been wearing the extra large around the house all week, but if I were to go out in public I would switch to the large. The size difference is actually pretty remarkable, yet there is no top spillage or side spillage! Especially on the bigger size. If you are looking for a relaxed lounge fit, I would go with a size up. But if you are looking for something a little more snug/supportive, these are true to size.
They are both incredibly soft and breathable. I haven't had as many issues with rashes under my breasts. The straps don't dig in either, and they are a great width! I also haven't had any irritation on my areola or nipple either! They really are the BEST bras I have ever found.

Essential Busty Bra
Katie B. (Oaklyn, US)
Wonderful stretch and support, but realize that it does not hug underbust

Fit is comfy, both supportive and stretchy - natural lift and it still moves with you as you bounce. I'm still a bit on the fence overall, as I had some itchiness (haven't washed it yet) and underboob sweat, since the band sits on the ribcage and not hugging underneath. I wonder if a smaller size could resolve that. (I went by the size guide for my 41-42" measuring, 36 band size D/DD-cup bust and a short torso at 5'4") It is the most smoothing fit in a bra I have had in ages. The cut will make it work well as a camisole with layering pieces. If you have a short torso or curves, the bottom of the band will naturally bunch up as you move throughout the day like it did for me (see close-up picture). One other note: I think the metal hooks in the back might pose a slight comfort problem if you were wearing it cold-weather camping.

So comfortable!

Love this underwear - very comfortable!

Essential Busty Bra
Crystal Cantu McClain (Los Angeles, US)
Third buy and still loving

I’ve purchased three bras from branwyn and I love them. They’re comfortable, soft and just supportive enough. I bought them for hiking but where them for everything.

Essential Hipster
Regina Fierke (Columbia, US)
Branwyn hipster are the best!

I really don't want to wear anything else.

Essential Bralette
Nicole Ferrada (Stowe, US)
3 years later

I purchased two of these bralettes in 2021 and for the most part they’re the only bras I’ve worn since! It’s now 2024 and they are a touch looser but still have lots of life. I love them. Odor resistant, comfy, and quick drying. I am usually a size small but per the size chart I got medium... They are fitted but not compressive and I’ve been happy with the fit. This year I purchased another one in a small to wear for running and it’s perfect for that - it’s tighter, so I’m glad to have both sizes for everyday wear vs. active wear. I can wear this bralette for runs all week without washing and it’s still fresh. Recently I purchased some thongs as well and I love them. Highly recommend BRANWYN!

Essential Bralette
Kit Hope (Washington, US)
My every day bra

I love these and wear them practically every day. Comfortable, easy to care for, what more do you need?

Essential Busty Bra
Kirsty Salvetti (Abita Springs, US)
As good as advertised

I love the busty bra. Very comfortable and Im looking forward to my camping trip when I can wear it many days in a row. It is more flattering than a sports bra but just as comfortable.
It took me a while to decide what size to order, all our ‘girls’ are so different, and I read ALOT of reviews before deciding.
I am a 34 between C and D weigh 125
I ordered small and its perfect, the right tightness around the band to feel supportive and good support up top.

Essential Busty Bra
Suzanne McCartney (Atlanta, US)
I do love it ,but

I do love this bra, but I’m a size 34B so I at first bought the bralette M for my size. it was only ok though it felt very good and fit ok. I decided to try the Busty bra because it had more coverage and I bought a small, wow! Yes a small, but I love this more! It feels really good and holds me very well.

Essential Busty Bra
CS (Westcliffe, US)
New Fave Bra

I love this bra! It's perfect for all my outdoor adventures and comfy enough to wear all day long. So far it's holding it's shape really well, and I don't have to wash it very often. I'm 5'2, 130lbs, 32DD. The medium was ok for lounging, but I wanted a little more support for the girls so I exchanged for a small and it's perfect!

I threw out all my other bras. I’m hooked!

Essential Bralette
K. Christopher (Washington, US)

Essential Bralette

Essential Hipster
Patty Sayre (Ware, US)
Hipsters Rock!

The comfort and quality of Branwyn hipsters are excellent! I am happy to add these to my collection of sustainable merino wool base layers.

Essential Busty Bra
Kels (Coeur d'Alene, US)
Absolute best bra

This bra feels like you are not wearing it all day long. It is so comfy, does not dig, does not smell, does not lose it's shape. I have a very large bust and wide ribcage and this bra fits great. It is a little pricey but 100% worth it.

It has a strange smell and the support on my large bust (G cup) is not sufficient but mostly I dislike that the band rolls up almost instantly. For a longline bralette it’s disappointing. The wear it a long time before washing thing is very true though as I tried to love it and test it out (bought for travel) for 3 days in a row. Just didn’t work for me. Maybe a smaller bust.

SWAG Slim Jogger
Amanda (Portland, US)
Great Investment

I'm obsessed with these joggers- I basically haven't taken them off since purchase. Great weight and nonitchy- can slide under alpine gear as a baselayer or wear to yoga, so versatile. The rise is comfortable and flattering. I'm 5'8" and long-legged, so I do wish the inseam were slightly longer, but that is often the case for me. I hope these are released again- would definitely buy another pair!


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Merino is super soft like cashmere!

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