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Our Gift Guide for the Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Women in Your Life

Explore our guide full of naturally sustainable Merino options and pay-it-forward ideas.
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The gifting season can feel like a lot. Our homes fill with bags full of presents, boxes pile up on our doorstep, and our desks overflow with corporate gifts we never really wanted and definitely don't need — we’re looking at you, branded travel mugs. All of that means a lot of stuff

When shopping this season, consider gifts that the women in your life will really use, love, and go back to year after year. Bonus: All gear here is ethically sourced, and naturally sustainable (ZQ-, OEKO-TEX-, and Responsible Wool Standard certified) — plus, they're built to last. In a season that can be consumer-driven and landfill-fueling, these choices are kind to our earth. We’ve included give-back donation ideas, which never go out of style. Okay, let’s have some fun. Check out this list for every wild, weird, and wonderful woman on your list. And if you happen to see something you love, ‘tis always the season to treat yourself.


For the Adventurer Who Loves Comfort 

She is bold, she is fearless — but she wants to be comfortable, too. For the friend who isn’t afraid to get after it, consider our Essential Bralette. It’s naturally sweat-wicking and built to move, all while feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all. 

For the Friend Who’s Always Cold  

You know her… maybe you are her? She’s shivering her timbers when there’s a hint of a breeze. Enter the SWAG Long Sleeve Tee. This 100-percent Merino knit is naturally temperature-regulating to keep body heat in and cold air out. Thumb holes make sure she’s warm all the way down to her fingertips. 

For the Backcountry-Obsessed

Let your sister, mom, or friend lean into the backcountry lifestyle with a pair of underwear that can be worn for days on end — aka the Essential Bikini. When you’re on a multi-day hike, just rinse, hang dry and you’re good to go. As one reviewer put it, “ Wore for three days straight on a backpacking trip and they don't stink!” 

For the Outdoor Sports Girl Who Loves to Give Back 

Whether she loves to shred or only has visions of hitting the trails, look into donations and experiences from our Empowerment Partners who provide pathways for women to get outside. Ladies AllRide hosts mountain bike clinics, Trail Sisters fosters a team atmosphere to help women get into trail running, Casting for Recovery creates fly fishing retreats for breast cancer fighters, and Still I Run promotes the benefits of running for mental health. 

P.S. When you buy BRANWYN, 1 % of every single sale goes to support these awesome orgs. 

For the Woman Who Could Wear One T-Shirt Forever

Get her the new uniform of her dreams with the SWAG Short Sleeve Tee. Literally the perfect black t-shirt: it has an easy fit that goes with everything, and most importantly it’s made of 100-percent Merino to naturally wick sweat, keep her the perfect temperature, and make sure she stays smelling great. Plus, it’s totally free of dangerous chemicals.  

 For the Little One in Your Life Who Deserves a Bright Future 

Instead of (or along with) that new toy, why not invest in an organization focused on creating a better world for girls? A donation to one of our Empowerment Partners will do just that. Play Like a Girl helps girls experience the joy of sport, while SheJumps teaches girls about outdoor adventure.

P.S. When you buy BRANWYN, a percentage of every single sale goes to support these awesome orgs.

For the Sweaty Sally 

Women don’t sparkle—we sweat. That’s one of the reasons we created our SWAG Tank. Made with 100 percent Merino, this top works as a base layer or on its own to naturally move moisture away from the body while keeping you funk-free. 

For the Girl Who Goes Commando 

Sure, a thong for a commando girlie might seem like a weird choice—but once she goes Merino, she might not go back. The Essential Thong was created by our founder Shawne specifically for women who hate the feel of underwear but might want some protection for their most precious of parts. 


For the Friend with a Love-Hate Relationship with Bras  

If you have a C-cup or larger, you know the feeling. Many of us need a bra to avoid chest pains, but in an ideal world, we would prefer to go without. The Essential Busty Bra is designed exactly for this girlfriend. As one reviewer puts it, “No more screaming in my mind at the end of the day how much I hate my bra! No sore rib cage from the underwire, no chaffing from the hook area on the back, or being pinched under my arms. Pure bliss!”

For the Wanderluster Who Likes to Pack Light 

Got a loved one who’s always mapping out her next road trip or on constant refresh in Google Flights? Get her a pair of the Essential Hipsters — fantastic for packing light. So many reviewers agree. As one says, “So comfortable and dry fast. Great for travel!” 

For the Climate Change Warrior 

If your loved one is concerned about climate change—who isn’t?—you might want to consider a donation to one of our climate-focused Empowerment Partners. Project Drawdown creates science-backed strategies for accelerating climate solutions and Tomorrow’s Air is dedicated to investing in clean air. 

P.S. When you buy BRANWYN, 1% of every single sale goes to support these awesome orgs.

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