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Wear Merino to Beat the Summer Heat

This might sound a bit off the wall, but naturally sustainable Merino wool is perfect for hot weather. Merino Innerwear keeps you dry, fresh, confident, and all sorts of cool. 

"It's not the heat; it's the humidity." When temperatures rise into the 90s or 100s, people often say it doesn't feel as oppressive if it's a dry heat, but they're wrong. Even in the desert, where moisture evaporates as quickly as it forms, clothing can get wet and stay wet or moist, and those pieces of clothing are your bra and undies, and they are only as good as the materials they're made from. 

If you get sweaty wearing cotton undies—or worse, a pair made from a nylon or polyester blend—they're likely to stay wet. Even in dry climates, you can create your own humid environment under your clothes, which is not only hot, sticky and uncomfortable, but it's also not healthy for your private parts.

Enter, wool. Yes, Merino wool. Merino is actually perfect for hot weather. We get that wearing wool in the summer seems counterintuitive, but history tells a different story. 

Wearing wool in the heat dates back to Ancient Egypt, where colorful wool textiles were used during Ptolemaic and Roman periods, as far back as 332 BC. [2] At BRANWYN, we know that everything old can be new again, and wearing superfine, lightweight Merino is an easy way to keep yourself feeling cool and fresh even in the blistering hot weather.

We Put Our Merino Innerwear to the Ultimate Heat Test 

BRANWYN’s travel Ambassador and photographer, Lane Oliveri, took our Merino Performance Innerwear to the Nile Valley in Egypt, where temperatures can reach a scorching 110 degrees. Check out our photo gallery to see how BRANWYN fared in the steamy Middle Eastern heat and read commentary from Oliveri on how her trip to Egypt faced a few challenges—with clothing being one of them—and how BRANWYN was a lifesaver.

woman traveling in Egypt, pyramids in the background

 “Egypt is one of the most difficult trips I have planned from a wardrobe perspective,” Oliveri says, “I knew activities would range from descending deep down into tombs, exploring sprawling temples, and climbing through pyramids, shooting photography, relaxing poolside, bouldering along the Nile, shopping bazaars, yoga at the hotel, touring museums and riding camels.”

woman with face turned to the sun

“Packing, I selected flowy linen shirts, breathable pants, and neck scarves and I reached for my BRANWYN sets,” Oliveri says. “In the heat, the last thing I needed were sticky synthetics clinging to my skin under the carefully selected layers.”

woman looking at Egyptian pyramids

“A blur of days flew by non-stop, my step count was through the roof, and this is where BRANWYN really becomes the silent hero of what was one of the most magical trips of my life,” Oliveri says. 

Woman at pool, Egypt, pyramids

“I’m obsessed with history, and I'm not gonna lie—the ‘Indiana Jones’ in me prefers trips like this to sunbeds at beach clubs,” Oliveri reflects. “ Egypt seemed to respond to my hunger to absorb as much as possible.”

woman, Egypt, pyramids

“A carefully planned trip stretched to encompass experiences I would never have foreseen,” Oliveri explains. “My guide got me into tombs and digs not open to the public; guards let me stay an unlimited length of time in restricted sites; I took photos in front of the pyramids after all other tourists had been required to leave."

woman sitting in the shade

“Besides one day actually relaxing at an oasis, I completely exhausted myself,” Oliveri says.

yoga, egypt, pyramids, BRANWYN

"I was a little surprised how incredibly well  BRANWYN held up in the sweltering Egyptian sun,” Oliveri says. “It’s breathable, absorbent, quick-drying, comfortable, no bra wires or trapped heat.”

woman at pool, Egypt, pyramids

The fact that BRANWYN pieces can double as yoga wear and swimwear at the hotel was a huge bonus,” Oliveri says. 

Woman at resort pool, Egypt, pyramids

“As a light packer, BRANWYN has become the answer to several travel problems I didn't even realize I had and is now an absolute adventure travel staple,” Oliveri says. 

Merino bras and undies are the best choices for every climate—from the desert, where the air can be so hot and dry it nearly sizzles, to the tropics, where 90 degrees can feel 20 degrees hotter if the humidity is high. When it's that steamy hot, you might as well live in your bathing suit or your Merino Innerwear, which also stunt-doubles as swimwear

Here's why you should wear Merino to beat the summer heat, whether you're looking for versatile travel pieces, cooling off in an ice bath, or just kicking around your local swimming hole. [Merino is excellent in boardrooms, too. Just saying.]

Want to Beat The Heat? Here’s Why Merino is Your Perfect Ally 

Merino keeps you cool 

Merino is naturally thermoregulating, which means it helps you maintain a steady body temperature. [3] This is why wool keeps you warm when the weather is chilly and nice and cool when temps get steamy. 

Merino keeps you dry 

You can buy moisture-wicking synthetics, but wool is the natural moisture-wicking fiber Mother Nature gave us. Merino fibers trap moisture internally and stay dry externally (where they touch your skin), 

Merino keeps you fresh 

Because Merino wool breathes and is naturally antibacterial [4], you don’t have to worry about your undies harboring any funk. Whether you’re on the move—bagging peaks or hopping trains around Europe—wool keeps you feeling fresh. 

Merino keeps you confident 

When you feel cool, dry and fresh, you’ll feel confident, which translates into feeling like the capable, strong and fierce badass you are. 

Because of Merino’s versatility—keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer—it’s honestly the best material and a true gift from Mother Nature. Merino is sustainable and good for the planet, and it’s empowering because when you support the Earth and each other, you support yourself. 

Stay sassy, stay strong, stay safe. And while you’re at it, stay fresh.

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  2. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/thermoregulation#how-it-works
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