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The Best Running Underwear for Women and Men

March 21, 2024 | "The Essential Hipsters from BRANWYN are unrivaled when it comes to killing odor thanks to their soft, comfy Merino wool, which is not only fantastic for wicking moisture and drying quickly but is naturally odor-resistant."


| Nick Hilden, Caitlin Giddings and Gabrielle Hondorp, | Runner's World | March 21, 2024


In the March 21, 2024 publication of Runner's World, Nick Hilden, along with Caitlin Giddings and Gabrielle Hondorp, delves into the world of running underwear, highlighting BRANWYN's Essential Hipsters as a standout choice for odor-proof running gear. Hilden's review emphasizes BRANWYN's soft Merino wool fabric, known for its moisture-wicking properties and natural odor resistance. These Essential Hipsters are not only comfortable but also seamless, providing a chafe-free experience for runners. With excellent coverage and durability, BRANWYN's running underwear ensures a hassle-free run, making it a top pick among athletes and enthusiasts alike.

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