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The Best Sports Bras of 2024

February 26, 2024 | "Svati was sold on Branwyn Essential Busty Bra after wearing it for a five-hour road trip followed by an intense five-hour hike, then out to dinner and a movie. The fabric, a blend of extra-fine Merino wool with a bit of nylon and spandex, never chafed or smelled even after getting sweaty."

The Best Sports Bras of 2024 | | Outside Magazine | February 26, 2024

In the pursuit of the finest sports bras of 2024, BRANWYN's Merino Bra stands out as a standout choice according to Outside Magazine. The article penned by Svati Kirsten Narula acknowledges the unmatched comfort and versatility of BRANWYN's design, especially highlighting its exceptional odor resistance and suitability for low-impact activities. Crafted with a blend of extra-fine Merino wool, nylon, and spandex, this bra offers hassle-free support and comfort, making it a favorite among active individuals seeking practical yet stylish solutions.

The article explores various sports bras tailored to diverse needs, from carrying a phone while running to providing high-impact support and comfortable all-day wear. Amidst the winners, BRANWYN's Merino Bra emerges as a top contender for its practicality and performance, demonstrating the significance of sustainable and comfortable activewear in today's athletic landscape.

Discover BRANWYN's Merino Bra and uncover why it's a leading choice for those prioritizing comfort, functionality, and sustainability in their sportswear.

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