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We're going to level with you. Merino wool is Mother Nature's gift to your lady parts you didn't know you needed.  It's naturally moisture-wicking, odor resistant, softer than your favorite worn in t-shirt and is more versatile than a Swiss Army knife.   

It's THAT good.




The last thing that you want to feel down there is moist.  Merino wool fibers can hold up to 30% their weight in moisture without feeling wet, while simultaneously moving the moisture away from your body.  Translation?  Your lady parts stay dry regardless of how much you sweat and what time of the month it is.


You also probably don't want to smell like a men's locker room.  Because Merino naturally moves moisture away from your body, it naturally moves odor producing sweat away from your body as well.  Merino wool fibers even absorb the odor producing molecules which are only released when it is washed.  


Wearing Merino feels like you are wearing nothing. Naked is the best, but Merino is less revealing.  Merino wool fibers are extremely fine (finer than a strand of human hair!) and durable, enabling the them to bend back on themselves more than a coarse wool sweater.  This makes Merino wool super gentle and soft against the skin.


Go ahead and wear Merino on the hottest summer day and the
coldest winter night.  Merino sheep stay comfy through cold winters -4°F and hot summers +95°F.  That's because Merino is thermoregulating, meaning it keeps you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot.  Merino wool keeps you fresh and dry all day and all night regardless how hot and sweaty or cold and chilled your situation gets. 


Merino wool is a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable resource.  Merino wool is naturally grown year round by Merino sheep.   After each shearing, the sheep produce a new fleece making a 100% renewable resource.  When Merino is disposed of, unlike petroleum fibers like polyester, it naturally decomposes in soil in a matter of months.  When sheep are raised using ethical standards and living organic lifestyles, it’s the best of all worlds.  Better for you and the environment.


Music to our ears!  Merino wool is super easy to care for.  Most Merino products, including BRANWYN Innerwear, can be machine washed and tumbled dried on a low setting.  No washer or dryer?  No problem. You can easily wash Merino in a sink or a clear stream and hang it to dry. 

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